William Frank

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In the December 8, 1876 issue of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, name appeared on THE LIST OF THE LOST–Identified Bodies as Francke, William. No additional information was listed, such as age or residence, but under his name, we also find Frank, Charles, 71 Degraw street. The next day, LIST OF THE DEAD was published in the same paper showing his name as Franke, William, 78 Degraw st. Interestingly, no mention was made on this list of Charles Frank of 71 Degraw, whose name had appeared in prior issue.

On December 9, 1876, the body of William Frank was buried in Lot 22427

Name: William Frank

Age: 21 years

Native of: New York

Resident of this City: life

Occupation: Artist

Marital Status: Single

Father’s Birthplace: Germany

Mother’s Birthplace: Germany

Place of Burial: Green-Wood Cemetery

Undertaker: Thomas F. Moran, 179 Columbia

Certificate of Death: 11287


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